Not sure what direction email marketing is heading in 2020? Or perhaps you're looking for the best email marketing tips to stay one step ahead of your competitors? Lucky for you, we've got the top three email marketing trends of this year right below. 

Email marketing has become one of the biggest weapons companies have in their Calgary digital marketing arsenal. With more than four billion people using email nowadays and each of them having nearly two email accounts on average, email marketing has defied its detractors and naysayers and is still doing wonders when it comes to ROI and effectiveness. With that in mind, let's take a look at the three biggest email marketing trends 2020 is likely to see. 

1. Mobile is King

The truth is the majority of your email marketing efforts are going to be seen via a mobile device in 2020. Mobile usage continues to supplant desktop across the board, and now it's more important than ever to make sure your email marketing strategy reflects this shift. That means your copy needs to be concise, your concept and design needs to be minimalistic, your call to actions (CTAs) need to be right off the top, and you need an attention grabbing subject to snag your subscriber's attention as they're skimming through their inbox. You also need to TEST your email marketing efforts before hitting send, ensuring they display properly and have the desired aesthetic when viewed on a mobile device. 

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2. AI and Automation 

AI is here and it is our friend. When it comes to email marketing, AI has been taking on a larger and more prominent role lately. This is only expected to continue as 2020 rolls on. The biggest thing people usually relate AI to in terms of email marketing is automation. By automating your email marketing efforts, you can sync your content with a segment of your subscribers in a way that is relevant and more impactful. As this trend continues to gain steam and operating power, you'll be able to spend less time segmenting your subscribers yourself, and just let the AI do it for you. Another big development on the horizon for email marketing AI is utilizing send-time optimization. Instead of picking a set time for when your emails are sent out, you will now be able to use the historical open patterns of your subscribers to determine when your emails should arrive in their inbox. 

3. Responsive and Interactive Emails are on the Rise

Interactive emails lead to increased engagement from subscribers, while responsive emails are a hit among mobile device users. By making sure your email marketing efforts provide users with functional interactivity, you can ride this trend to even higher ROIs. Some things that make the cut when it comes to in-demand interactive email elements include CTAs or buttons that are animated, rollover effects that showcase the products you offer, product carousels or interactive images that the user controls, an accordion feature which makes longer emails more compact, and polls or surveys that don't require the user to leave the email itself. 

As we've seen the past few years, email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and overall effective marketing tools at a company's disposal. And by following these three email marketing trends in 2020, you can make sure you're on level footing with your competition (or better yet, one step ahead). 

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