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Secondary Marketing Services

Blogs Services

Blogs and pages are the nuclei for optimization and conversion success. On average, each blog or page takes approximately 3-4 hours and includes content writing, metadata, optimization, 3 FAQs and rollout in our proprietary publishing format. Pages can be purchased for $300 per page or $550 for a two-pack. Please note that pages or blogs purchased in increments of two are discounted from the retail price of $300.


Business / Marketing Consulting

Coaching and consulting are the most frequently utilized services in our portfolio. We have designed both single and recurring curriculums for strategy/brainstorming sessions, opportunity identification, problem-solving, education, analytics and campaign design. We recommend scheduling 1-2 coaching / consulting sessions per month. Please note that recurring coaching / consulting clients booking 2 or more sessions per week are eligible for a 20% retail rate reduction.


Client Brief

Have an idea? Need to validate a concept? Our client brief engagement involves a short discovery and a 60-minute strategy session with a senior strategist to discuss and wireframe your concept.


Customer Journey

Understanding your customer journey is one of the most important things you should map out regardless of your consumer life cycle. Through our journey mapping process, we work with your organization to identify and define your customer demographic, design user personas and map out conversion paths. A conversion path includes touch verbal, written and digital touchpoints that nudge a prospect towards purchase or evangelism. Our studies show that clearly mapped out paths yield 20-30% higher conversion rates and 10-15% increases in referrals from new customers and prospects. Reach out for a consultation or for more details. We look forward to hearing from you.


Domain Transfer Setup

If you are considering switching registrars, hosts or providers, we recommend moving / consolidating your domains on a neutral platform that you control. Too often your suppliers will control your DNS records or will group your domain into their portfolio. You should have control of your domain at all times and should be facilitating all DNS changes through your registrar account. Our registrars of choice are currently GoDaddy and Rebel. Through this engagement, we will help initiate the transfer and move your domain to your new registrar and restore your DNS records. Once completed we will hand this off to you for safekeeping.



Business Kit, Pro and Elite Subscriptions now offer an E-Learning module that allows you to create a marketplace of courses for sales, for training and for profit with our easy to use course builder. Since the pandemic, everything has changed and e-learning has become a very necessary and important component of an organization's sales, marketing, retention and HR functions.  The tool is available to you at no cost to Silent Salesman subscribers.   This all sounds amazing, right? Let’s talk about where 98% of businesses will fail.  Content and program creation.  The StyleLabs content team has developed a special task force specifically aimed towards assisting small businesses in course creation, content development and distribution.  Our team can help you plan your content and curriculums, design downloadable assets and quizzes, shoot videos and roll out turnkey offerings in a strategic and systematic fashion.  Reach out today.  Let’s get started.


Email Content Pack

Your technology comes with auto responders and drips. Sometimes different service pages need different email packs. Other times the standard auto responders simply need an upgrade. The email content pack includes one lead email which is an introduction to your company, shortcuts to your services and three drips that curate your site’s content as timed information sent on a schedule. Each drip features a single service and unpacks its value in an easy to read email that's sent to your prospect or your client.


Email Signature Setup

Branded email signatures are becoming more and more important to businesses of all sizes. In addition to optics, we design signatures that are interactive and link social channels, contact information, downloadable cards, referral tools and pitch decks. Our studies show that correctly assembled, an interactive email signature can generate 10-15% in additional revenues and increase referrals by 25%. Through our platform partner, we will develop a signature style and deploy it to all accounts on your network. Moving forward, whether you send an email through mobile, desktop or web, the signature will always be attached and present professionally.


Google Ad Setup

Google Ads are the most effective (and most expensive) advertising channels available because they bring intenders to your site. Campaigns can be set up for Google Search, Google Display, YouTube and Retargeting. Please note each channel requires a separate setup.


G-Suite Setup

StyleLabs is now able to offer the setup and integration of Google products into your platform. With the G-Suite Setup, we will set up your account for you, create up to 5 email accounts and 2 groups and create a video for you that you can leverage to self administer going forward. If you need us to manage it for you on an ongoing basis, you may email our customer care team and we will facilitate account creation and management on a transaction by transaction basis.


Historical Link Remapping

If you’ve had a website in the past, we recommend ensuring that all your historical links are mapped to your new site. This is important because once you launch your new website link formats change and all the links will be broken. If someone finds one of these links online, they will be directed to a 404 - page not found error page, signalling to Google that you no longer exist. Through this engagement, we will extract a list of your existing site and point up to 20 pages to your new site.


Launch Email

When you launch / relaunch your website, your first email should be professionally written. The launch email focuses on the launch, renewed customer promise, featured services with link outs, a testimonial and call to actions. The launch email should be designed professionally and should come with a template that can be reused for ongoing communications. At delivery, we will provide you with your email and a video on how to leverage this template for new communications going forward.


Marketing in a Box

As the most critical "function" of your business, Marketing shouldn't be put into a single container, but rather managed as multidisciplinary coordination of life-supporting activities that must be carried out strategically, professionally and consistently to drive sales, create awareness, establish a voice, foster loyalty, systemize evangelism and drive innovation. One person, regardless of experience level, cannot do it all. They shouldn't have to. StyleLabs has developed a Marketing in a Box service that quarterbacks, facilitates and executes, scaled marketing functions. This can be fully managed with our team of Senior Website Designers, Developers, Marketing Strategists, Social Media Managers and Content Creators for less than the price of a single resource.


Online Advertising

While you’re trying to get your website to the first page of Google, wouldn’t it be nice to start driving some business? Getting leads? With SEM, you can. In less than a week.

If you paid me a dollar and I promised you a customer that could be worth 10? Would you make that deal? What if you paid me 2 dollars and I promised you two prospects and only one became a customer. Still worth it? In this case, your cost per acquisition for 1 customer was 2 dollars and your ROI was 5 to 1. With the right content, the right landing experience, the math really can be THAT EASY.


Page Blog Porting

Although you’re building a new website, some of your new content might be worth salvaging. Through this service, we will move your content over to your new website and re-map it to your new link format. Please note that pages are ported as is and this service does not include edits or optimization.


Sales Strategy

The most important function in your business is sales.  One of the items our clients leans heavily on us for is developing sales systems, assets, training and customer journeys for their business. Our typical sales strategy campaigns generate a first-year ROI of 10:1 with exponential growth after the 6-month retrospective. Every sales journey is different. By bringing together over a hundred years of experience with the power of cutting edge technology, and research-backed validation, your probability of success is amplified!  Reach out today for a consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Sales, CRM, Automation



Social Ad Setup

Perpetual Social Media Lead Generation / Capture ads have proven to have very high efficacy at a low cost per acquisition. Through this engagement, we will set up your Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIN ad accounts, create a single ad campaign in three formats, and perform a short test for audience and message validation. Our deliverable to you is a merged, fully tested and cohesive ad campaign that connects directly to your Silent Salesman 2.0 CRM, an autoresponder, and direct funnel placement. Please note, integrations are only available on Business Kit and higher service levels. All other options will be implemented in the Startup Kit.


Social Pack

Social media is a critical component to your marketing ecosystem for brand awareness, audience building, conversion and now Google Social Signals. We will develop or standardize your Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram and YouTube channels for brand consistency and continuity. The Social Pack includes 8 posts and assets you will need to continue posting and planning. At delivery, we will show you your assets, your social standard guide and a video with how to build your post from scratch.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this new digital age of doing business, the gold standard for every business is to rank on the first page of Google. Search Engine Optimization involves applying content as well as onsite and offsite techniques to influence Google’s rankings without paying for placement.

We’ve been able to rank over 90% of our clients on page 1 of Google for over 10 keywords and keep them there. This isn’t by mistake. We combine our tried, tested, and true SEO methods with our proprietary SamurAI technology to help our clients dominate Google rankings no matter their industry.



Need help with training? Learning or Re-learning Samurai or Silent Salesman? In this engagement, we will spend up to two hours with your team and take you through the platform functionalities you requested. At the end of the session, you will be provided with a video recording you can refer to on an as-needed basis.


Video Marketing

Over the years, our research has proven that integration of video into your digital assets can make a tremendous difference in the success of your campaign and we recommend it to every client. From shooting to designing to directing ALL production is facilitated in-house by the industry’s best and designed to integrate into your marketing to present as a cohesive, interactive story. It’s time to put the spotlight on your business.  Let’s connect and get started.


Web Development

Need some website customization? Perhaps a special page format or an integration? In this engagement, our development team will work with a project manager to scope out your specifications, implement, test and deliver your new functionality to you at a mutually agreed upon time.

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