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The creators of Samurai, JaLP and Labour Connect bring you the world's most powerful, bespoke CRM. Drive Google and Facebook reviews, digitize your customer journey and manage clients in a simple, intuitive, fully stacked digital marketing toolbox.

Driving Reviews, Nurturing Leads, Growing Relationships, Behind the Scenes. Silently.

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The Next Generation Of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

We are not a software company.  We are MARKETERS.  We are ENTREPRENEURS.

The idea of Silent Salesman was started by two frustrated and burned out entrepreneurs out of Seattle. They were winning, but losing.  More than half their leads were being sterilized due to lack of follow up, there were constant scheduling conflicts due to poor calendar management and their sales/communication material was extremely fragmented both in messaging and branding.

In search of VC funding, they met an incubator group out of Calgary, Alberta, our group and together, Silent Salesman was born.  Our goal was to marry the concept of a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) with an Integrated, Inbound, Marketing System (IMS) During our proof of concept, over 300 businesses in Western Canada have successfully integrated this product and its processes into their day to day operations with early reports of 200% increases in Google reviews, over 30% growth in sales and a 15% drop in operational inefficiencies.

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