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Marketing Management Services

As the most critical "function" of your business, Marketing shouldn't be put into a single container, but rather managed as a mutlidisciplinary coordination of life supporting activities that must be carried out strategically, professionally and consistently to drive sales, create awareness, establish a voice, foster loyalty, systemize evangelism and drive innovation. One person, regardless of experience level, cannot do it all.  They shouldn't have to.  StyleLabs has developed a Marketing in a Box service that quarterbacks, facilitates and executes, scaled marketing functions. This can be fully managed with our team of Senior Website Designers, Developers, Marketing Strategists, Social Media Managers and Content Creators for less than the price of a single resource. 

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An Extension of Your Sales and Marketing Function 

What would you do, if....

  • You had the expertise, skills, capabiliites and resources of an enterprise level marketing department available to you?
  • You could bend technology to supercharge your business?
  • You could influence Google rankings and achieve top positions on local, organic and paid placements for maximum lead generation?
  • You didn't have to struggle through web, graphic design, content, press and social media updates?
  • You had access to best in class strategists to for brainstorming, strategy, roadmapping and implementation?
  • You had a dedicated content team to write your blogs, manage your ads (SEM), optimize your content on Google (SEO) and blast your newsletters. 

Imagine, if all of this cost less than the salary of a full time intermediate generalist. We are quarterbacks.  We are business builders.  

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Part Time, Fully Partnered - Your Calgary Marketing Specialists

Whether you'd like us to completely manage your sales / marketing function or work with your existing team to augment, supplement and educate your company to self sufficiency, we've got your back.  We don't believe in dependance.  We will never hold you hostage.  We want you to work with us because you believe in our expertise and our capabilities.  We will take the time to understand every facet of your business (including your value propositions, your target market and bandwidth) and will syntheize it into actionable marketing that will maximize your probability for success. 


Here is What a Managed Services Relationship Looks Like 

Marketing in a Box is customized to the needs of our clients.  Here is what a typical relationship or scope looks like:

  1. Monthly strategy session to review analytics, goal setting, identify business needs / opportunities and for campaign retrospective. 
  2. Weekly tracking of keywords / keyword rankings and insertion of blogs / content for optimization.
  3. Planning monthly social media content and leveraging blog content to developing marketing bombs (4 posts / blog) to drive awareness, education and social signals. 
  4. Monthly newsletters with featured announcements and curation of previous months content. 
  5. Weekly scan of online reviews and advising clients on responses. 
  6. Development, monitoring and deploment of advertisements with modifications as necessary. Continuous monitoring and management of landing page experience in order to optimize conversion and improve quality / relevancy scores. 
  7. Development / co-creation of speeaches, pitch decks and videos for business development, promotion and operational purposes.  Facilitation of dry runs and war room sessions for client preparedness. 
  8. Development of digital and analogue assets as required by business need. 
  9. Ongoing consulting, guidance and strategy as needed.

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Our Start-Up Process 

1. Discovery
Extensive due diligence process. You complete your discovery form, our data team and strategists review and analyse and we meet to close the gap and fill in any blanks in our information set
2. Strategy
A co-creation exercise between StyleLabs and client team. Development of a mutually agreed upon roadmap and scope for execution
3. Design
Development of baseline assets, samples, analytics baseline and omni-channel standardization
4. Execution
90 day deployment, supervision and iterative adjustments
5. Production
Full program rollout

Marketing in a Box is now available for clients in any industry with or without Samurai websites.  Interested in learning more? Give us a call and let's schedule your first consultation. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing in a Box clients do not have to sign a contract.  You are free to cancel with 60 days notice.  All we ask is that give us an opportunity to make necessary pivots and lines of communications are kept open.  Details are outlined in your terms and conditions.

Although we are not allowed to contractually offer exclusivity, as a gesture of good faith, we will not work with another competitor we deem to be a threat to your business.  If a situation were to arise we will always offer you a right for first refusal and will facilitate a transparent and very respectful conversation with you.  Loyalty is everything to us!

We are contractually not allowed to provide any guarantees.  That said, your probability of success is very high if you folllow our direction.  We have a very strong, verifiable track record that includes:

  • 90% of our clients are on the first page of Google. 
  • We have a 90%+ retention rate.
  • We have helped clients generated over $200 million dollars in revenue (that we are able to track) through digital marketing campaigns alone. 

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We love what we do! Reach out with any questions or comments you have about our Calgary Web Design and Strategic Marketing Solutions. We've been helping build businesses across Canada for over a decade. Let's crush your digital marketing goals by doing things right, the first time. 

Call (587) 880-3358 or fill out the form below and launch your marketing rocket now!

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