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Silent Salesman - Sales Automation

CRM + Sales Acceleration + Reputation Management

A sales acceleration platform built to convert the leads that the website captures.  For less than the price of your Starbucks, Silent Salesman is designed to capture leads, engage them in 2 way email or SMS conversation and nurture them with gentle but effective nudges for the purpose of conversion, evangelism, reputation management, project management and education. 


Appointments and Scheduling

Through the appointment and scheduling module, you can integrate Google and Office 365 calendars, assign a delegate to manage appointments, send email / txt notifications and invitations and push reminders. All communications are fully branded and can be coupled with re-targeting if prospects require additional exposure to your organization before an appointment.


Auto Responder

Auto responders functionality was built into Silent Salesman for the purpose of direct response to web contact forms, referral and affiliate pages as well as text message recipients. You have the right to restrict communications to business hours. Through our platform, you can specify when you are going to respond and when the robot will notify the customer that you are not around.


Call Center Module

Whether you run an inbound call centre for support or an outbound sales team, this module will allow you to upload databases of prospect lists, call and convert them to leads and log dispositions. Inbound calls can be recorded in a similar fashion and logs of all interactions recorded in the silent salesman repository. The Call Center module works seamlessly with the SMS communications module. Agents can dial out or receive incoming calls and transition to text if required. Both methodologies have pop up scripts or pat responses that can be leveraged to guide agents to a successful outcome. Of all our new functionalities, this one is our absolute favourite.


Drip Emails

Drip emails are small fragments of follow ups you think your prospect or client may find valuable. Once a lead email is sent out, the drip emails can be set as timed emails that are sent out on a particular date and time that reinforces the credibility of your organization. Drips are also great for e-learning, program delivery and prospect marination. With the drip module you can set timed emails to be sent on a particular date and time following the first lead email.



Business Kit, Pro and Elite Subscriptions now offer an E-Learning module that allow you to create a marketplace of courses for sales, for training and for profit with our easy to use course builder. Since the pandemic, everything has changed and e-learning has become a very necessary and important component of an organizations sales, marketing, retention and HR functions.  The tool is available to you at no cost to Silent Salesman subscribers.   This all sounds amazing, right? Let’s talk about where 98% of businesses will fail.  Content and program creation.  The StyleLabs content team has developed a special task force specifically aimed towards assisting small businesses in course creation, content development and distribution.  Our team can help you plan your content and curriculums, design downloadable assets  and quizzes, shoot videos and roll out turn key offerings in a strategic and systematic fashion.  Reach out today.  Let’s get started.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most powerful tool you will have for sales, loyalty, top of mind awareness and even search engine optimization. According to a recent study we conducted with university alumni, respondents preferred emails that they could review at their convenience over advertisements or social content that would clutter their feed. We have taken the best of the top email marketing platforms and developed an easy to use, drag and drop platform that you can leverage to build emails and drips, import databases, blast to entire lists or to segments and track opens. The best part of our email marketing platform is the sales follow up tool. Once an email is blasted, your sales team can log in, view a list of opens. Each record in that list comes with the recipients quick contact information and a link to their CRM record. Imagine as a sales person having a list of everyone who opened your email, access to what they clicked and their contact information, all in one dashboard for quick and efficient outreach. Best in class and the only one of its kind.


Funnel Design

Every customer journey is different. Our dynamic funnel functionality allows you to map out your customer journey and create containers for each stage of the process. As prospects or customers are moved through different containers, the automations function can be used to trigger emails or texts to the prospects or the internal team notifying them of status changes. This feature is outstanding for management looking to audit performance of the sales team or to forecast revenue and resources.


Lead Email

We live in a period where responsiveness is everything. Through this module, when someone emails you through the website, a personalized email and text message is sent to the prospect right away acknowledging receipt of their request as well as providing company information. Once a user opens up the email, the administrator has the capabilities of tracking when they opened it and what links they clicked on. We also have the ability to set up re-targeting on this module so that prospects that open the email can be automatically advertised on on Facebook, LinkedIN, Google and Instagram.

Another amazing feature this module offers is the digital business card. You can save your Silent Salesman referral form as an icon on your phone and when someone asks you for your information, simply enter their name and phone number and it will automatically send them your coordinates and any other details about your company you would like. They will automatically be added to your rolodex and can be leveraged as a lead in your funnel.


My Reviews Page

The My reviews page is a dynamically generated landing page created in your Silent Salesman that curates your reviews from Google and Facebook. The page features only reviews you choose and is also equipped with call to action buttons and options for re-targeting. Many of our clients share the my reviews page on social media. Once someone clicks to it, they can see reviews, visit the website, call and contact. When re-targeting is activated, anyone who has visited the reviews page will see the organization’s ads on social channels and google search.


Notifications and Alerts

Is it important for you to have your finger on the pulse of your sales and marketing communications? We have integrated notifications and alerts to all our modules to notify you real time of new leads, incoming SMS messages, reviews and production reports from your team.


Referral / Affiliate Page

Our referral and affiliate module is designed to build referral programs on demand in under five minutes. With this module, dynamic pages can be designed for email marketing, social media or SMS that encourage people to submit referrals. Once a customer refers a contact, this module will generate a personalized letter from your customer to their referral recommending you. It will track referrals and evangelists for reward programs and dynamically move new prospects into appropriate funnels. This module has worked very well for influencers, affiliates and social media campaigns as well. Assign an affiliate page to your new influencer and they can use it in their posts or to manually enter leads. Affiliates can log into Silent Salesman as guests and track their customers as required.


Review Email

The review email is one of the most effective ways to solicit Google and Facebook Reviews. The reviews email is a push tool that is leveraged to ask a customer if they are willing to provide feedback about your business and instantly send them an email and a text message. If the requested is not completed, a reminder email is sent out once to remind the customer to complete the review request. Our studies show that when an individual is willing to write a review, they are also willing to refer business to you. We have couple the request review with re-targeting and our referral tool so that when activated, ads are displayed to the customer nudging them to refer friends, family and colleagues to your business. This function can be toggled on or off but has proven to drive double digit referrals through an automated format.


2 Way SMS

People prefer text messaging to any other form of communication. Customers are comfortable communicating in a platform they are familiar with and at their convenience. Did you know that the open rate on text messages is over 98%? We have developed a two way text messaging platform that allows you to initiate SMS conversations when a lead is started or on an as required basis. Imagine entering your information to receive contact through a contact form, instantly receiving an email and text response and engaging in an SMS conversation with your vendor. Think about the impression that makes on you. Forget chat bots and web based communications. As an organization, this allows you to keep records of every interaction and keep communications within the platform’s ecosystem.

Recently we launched a trainers that text campaign for our personal training clients. Through this, trainers were able to deliver programs through SMS, provide support and delegate to autoresponders at the end of the business day allowing a seperation between their personal device and their platform communications.

We can enable most existing business lines to support text messaging on your platform. This means that if someone sends you a text, the platform picks it up, but if they dial the number, it will call your business line. Interested? Learn how you can supercharge your business with SMS marketing.


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