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Our Samurai technology (Startup Kit, Business Kit, Pro, Elite) is designed to influence Google rankings.  We like to use a car analogy to describe how SEO works.  Think of your website as a high performance vehicle.  An Aston Martin!  In order for that car to fly on the track, it needs fuel and it needs a driver that know how to navigate it.  Think of your blogs as the fuel you need to optimize on Google's track.  We've created some videos and a guideline on how you should write here.  Here is an example of how effective blogs can be.  Our client Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic wrote a blog about Do's and Don't of Lip Injections.  Here you can see that when a prospect Google's Best Lip Fillers Calgary they optmize on the first page.  Our studies show that more than 55% of your traffic can come from blogging alone. 

Follow our guidelines exactly (order and format) and the race to page one is yours to win!  Watch our academy on blog writing here.  Note that with the ever changing dynamics of digital marketing, this can change from time to time. 






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