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Why StyleLabs?

What began as a startup digital marketing company 10 years ago has evolved into an essential business consultancy servicing hundreds of entrepreneur organizations in Calgary. Over 500 in fact. Of which over 90% dominate the first page of Google in multiple pertinent categories. Equally important to visibility (attracting prospects) is our proven tactics for conversion, retention and evangelism. Our focus is on entrepreneurs, startups, rescues, and small businesses. Why? Because we are (or have been) all of those things.

Over the past decade we have experienced and taken note of every marketing and sales problem a business can have. We’ve then developed solutions for them using state-of-the-art technology, communications, processes, and workflows. 

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The StyleLabs Difference

What can we do? Anything! Website Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Search Engine Marketing, Market Research, Strategy, Business Planning, etc. Why are we successful? Because we understand you. The reason we understand is because we are you. Let’s do great things together!

Yes. We can get you to the first page of Google. This was our claim to fame and what put us on the map. Equally important to visibility (attracting prospects) is our proven tactics for conversion, retention, and evangelism.

Yes, we'll help clients find you. We'll teach you how to sell to them, how to keep them happy, how to grow the relationship and how to make them your raving fans. Personal trainers, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Denturists, Contractors, Real Estate Professionals, HR Firms and many others continue to praise StyleLabs. Why?

  • Because we care
  • Because we develop great business processes
  • Because we write unbelievable marketing plans
  • Because we've automated the sales process
  • Because we deliver Google page 1
  • Because we build gorgeous marketing collateral, custom APPS and websites

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How It All Started

Our entrepreneurial journey started out in 2004. A couple years out of university, Almin Kassamali, an aspiring lawyer, left a very lucrative and very successful career in regulatory affairs to “strike out on his own” to “have control of his family’s destiny.” Fascinated with data, models and consumer triggers, Almin enrolled in the RIVA Training Institute in Maryland where he completed the last of his mastery program in qualitative market research. Upon his return, Almin negotiated the acquisition of Call Us Info’s qualitative business which was rebranded as the eStyle Group. From 2004 to 2009, eStyle doubled in size each year and served as a gateway to research in Canada for brands, buyers, and large research firms in the United States, Canada and the UK. eStyle’s focus group facilities, Studios 1 + 2, were considered to be the best in Western Canada and years ahead of its time. In 2009, Salina Kassamali assumed day-to-day responsibilities of eStyle, while the StyleLabs concept was being incubated. In 2018, eStyle was acquired by its key clients in the US, UK and Canada.

Through this journey and interacting with blue-chip clients that would grow to be mentors and even colleagues over the years, much was uncovered about the entrepreneurial journey. Specific to web and marketing, the “little guy” was being trampled. There was a gap in knowledge, expertise and technology for the small business owner to stand a fair chance. Small business owners were spending the last of their savings and even putting themselves in debt to create visibility in what was the new digital era, only to be disappointed by underdelivery, inconsistency and so much dishonesty. So we took everything we had and invested in an idea. SamurAI. Driven by artificial intelligence on the back end and a ten button content management system on the front end, we were on a journey to level the playing field.

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Our Mission

1. Our purpose is to level the playing field. To give the passionate “little guy”, the startup, the rescue, the mompreneur, the solopreneur a fighting chance to succeed.

2. Powered by artificial intelligence and supported by an “A” level team of small business focused marketers, developers, designers and writers, our goal is to raise the bar and become the de facto for small businesses.

3. Our goal is to arm every small business with enterprise level technology. We are obsessed on teaching our community how to best leverage their technology and apply best-in-class marketing, sales, and strategy to their organizations.

4. We promise to stand by our clients. To support them. To continue innovating and educating so they always have the best, the most current, and of course the most cutting edge solutions and technology.

5. We want to make a dent. We believe that if you chase purpose, money will come. But if you chase money, you will never have purpose.

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Who Do We Serve?

StyleLabs serves small and medium businesses of all sizes. We have products and services designed for every price point and budget threshold. We excel at Startups, Rescues, companies looking to “Level Up” and of course distressed organizations that could use a “nudge” to get back on track.

With over 500 clients, we have mastered many industries that include (but are not limited to) Real Estate, Medical Aesthetics, Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeons, Dentists, Denturists, Construction, Home Builders/Developers, Skilled Trades, HR, Optometrists/Eye Care Professionals… and many more!

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What Makes Us Different?

We’ve been delivering successful outcomes since 2010 and we’re just getting started.

We Don’t Outsource
We recruited an “A” team so that everything could be cohesively and concisely designed in-house under the supervision of our super passionate leadership team.

Best-in-Class Technology
More than â…“ of our earnings are reinvested in research and development and at least the same in our people. We have cutting edge, marketing and sales focused, solution-based technology designed to help you build a great foundation and build your empire on that foundation.

We teach you EVERYTHING. We want you to work with us because you like us. Because you believe in us. Because we deliver. We will never hold you hostage and we will continuously educate you so that you know exactly what’s happening. We love teaching at our academy and you have access to all our resources. Our home is your home.

Track Record
You’ve probably already heard it or seen it. 10 years in business. Over 500 campaigns delivered. 90% retention rate and success rate. Over $200 million in revenue created for our clients.

We are entrepreneurs, just like you. We go through the same struggles you do. We understand the strains of paying rent, payroll, hiring, firing, AP/AR, accounting, proposal... We have identified every small business pain point and developed sales, marketing and technology solutions to address and eliminate barriers to success.

We are not JUST a web designer. We are not JUST a marketing company. We are better than both. We are BUSINESS BUILDERS.

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What Are Some of the Key Services We Offer?

What Our Clients Are Saying

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