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Samurai 50

We’ve developed a series called Samurai 50. It’s broadcasted live every Friday with the intention of featuring outstanding individuals that are creating inspiration during uncertain times. The show is about celebrating successes, unlocking key lessons and showing our community of leaders, entrepreneurs, students and aspiring business owners that anything, anything is possible.

50 weeks of outstanding leaders and entrepreneurs, live every Friday at noon for a half hour of pure magic at StyleLabs’ downtown offices. Samurai 5-0 currently has an engaged audience of 10-15 thousand per week that tune in live and offline through social media, our email broadcasts and our upcoming podcast channel.

Everyone is focusing on the negatives. There is a lot of good happening too.  We want to hear about the good. Calgary’s army of leaders and entrepreneurs. These are the soldiers of our economy and frontline for employment creation.  We want everyone to buy local. We have to buy local. And the best way we can do that is by humanizing the best, most inspiring members of our community. So... we created Samurai 5-0.

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