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Case Study: Heather Robertson - The Original Five

The face of Samurai, Heather Robertson is invading newsstands this month! Heather will be featured in Oxygen Magazine!

I met Heather a year ago through Paul Anthony "She's phenomenal" Anthony had said.  "I expect BIG things from Heather in the next little while."  Coming from Paul, that was a quite a statement.

Having worked with several people in the fitness/fashion/ modeling industry, what stood out about Heather (to me) was her drive, focus, and humility.  The absence of narcissism.  Heather came across as very soft-spoken, but made an impact when she needed to.  And that's exactly what she did on location at our Samurai infomercial shoot.  I remember Heather walking in, game face on, ready to work.  She was resilient, adaptive and radiated presence.  Inspiring!

When Heather hired Stylelabs to help manage her branding and marketing, she was very specific about her vision (down to the wood grain texture) and what she expected.  So far, working on her campaign has been fantastic.  Every meeting is a learning experience!  We exchange and build on incredible ideas and architecture best in class plans.  Heather was one of the first campaigns we powered with our Samurai technology.  Like with every proprietary technology, we've made minor tweaks along the way, today, we were able to successfully launch the BETA version of  Here's the crazy part!  Heather built most of the site herself.

All the content, videos, pictures, news and articles you see on the site was written, sized and administered by Heather.  We designed the site (Esthetics, Logo, Branding, Skeletal Structure,...) and powered it with the Samurai Brain.  At that point, Heather logged in, posted her blogs, created her tags, uploaded pictures and videos and started sharing it on her social media accounts.  Like every other Samurai site, Heather's comes with Full Social Media Integration, Automated Optimization derived from Aggregated SEO Best Practices (no I'm not contradicting myself), "Facebook Easy" Back End Administration and Marketing Inspired CMS coding.  Wicked!

In my article SEO Is BULL$H*T  I stated that SEO is useless unless you're posting OUTSTANDING content.  Working with people like Heather, I've realized that without INCREDIBLE People and Passionate Businesses, we've got nothing.  If our client was a dud, our website or branding would be like a pristine Aston Martin sitting on a driveway idling without a driver.

Heather's mind-blowing presence and insightful comment allowed us to put a marketing gloss on a spectacular brand.  

Congratulations Heather on your milestones.  Your hard work and relentless resolve are definitely paying off.  Keep up the great work!

  1. Website
  2. Social Media
  3. Branding, Communication, and Collateral
  4. Development of Online Training Platform   

Almin Kassamali is the Chief Imagination Officer of StyleLabs Marketing Group. StyleLabs offers full-service business and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes and small/medium business.

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