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5 Tips For Writing Great Meta-descriptions

Meta-description is a very visible and important part of SEO and search marketing. Here is the ultimate guide to writing great meta-descriptions, every time. 

SEO is a very important part of digital marketing. It increases your visibility and keeps you above all your competitors

In addition, investing in SEO services can have many benefits for you company as it will increase:

  • Your website’s visibility
  • User traffic
  • Your conversion rate
  • Your ROI

Digital Marketing and SEO Services in Calgary

It is every company’s wish to have their website ranked top on search engines. At Stylelabs, our on-page and off-page SEO services are customized to meet all your business needs and objectives.

Did you know? 90% of Stylelabs clients are now at the top of Google thanks to the specific SEO marketing tactics we use including online advertising and blog writing.

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What are Meta-Descriptions and Why Are They Important?

A meta-description is a short paragraph of text (160 characters) placed in the HTML of a webpage that concisely summarizes its content. It will appear under your page’s URL in the search results. When used correctly, it can greatly improve the SEO marketing and click-through rates of your website.

Why is a meta-description important?

A well-written meta description can influence the decision of the searcher as to whether they want to click through on your content from the search results or not. The more descriptive, attractive and relevant the description, the more likely someone will click through.

Checklist for writing a good meta-description

  • Keywords: To enhance your SEO marketing efforts, make sure the most important keywords for your webpage show up in the meta-description. Often, search engines will highlight in bold where it finds the search query in your snippet.

  • Write readable, engaging copy. This is absolutely essential. Avoid keyword stuffing your meta-description and make sure it reads in a legible, friendly and enticing way.

  • Treat the meta-description as if it’s an advert for your webpage. A reputable SEO company can help you make your meta-descriptions as compelling and relevant as possible, improving your click-through rate.

  • Keep it short: A meta-description should be no longer than 135-160 characters long. Any longer, and search engines will cut off the end, so make sure all your important keywords are nearer the front.

  • Do not duplicate meta-descriptions. As with all meta data, all your descriptions must be written differently for every page. REMEMBER: Google may penalise you for mass duplicating your meta-descriptions.


How a SEO Company Can Help You Write Compelling Meta Descriptions

Meta-descriptions are very brief extracts, but when used correctly, they’re an extremely effective SEO marketing tool that can influence a user’s behavior and, subsequently, your click-through rate.

Investing in SEO services can help you optimize your existing meta descriptions, as well as help you create new meta tags, giving your customers an exact view of the services you offer through accurate and influential content.

Why choose Stylelabs

We have a dedicated team of SEO executives and copywriters who work closely with each other to ensure that both the meta-titles and descriptions of all your web pages are original, relevant and search-engine friendly - helping you drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales.

Online Advertising

In addition to blog writing and meta-description content creation, we also offer other SEO services including online advertising and social media marketing strategies to help your business grow.

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