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SEO and Marketing Terms Small Business Owners Need To Know

At StyleLabs, we believe in empowering customers and small businesses with the knowledge that they need to succeed.

When you’re trying to find the right marketing company for your needs, it’s essential that you understand what is being talked about and feel comfortable asking the right questions. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of key internet marketing and search engine optimization terms and what they mean.



This term stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the organic optimization of a site through many factors. Because of the wide range of ranking factors, “SEO” can be applied to many facets of web design and development, from the addition of security certificates to page speed to the use of appropriate keywords in on-site content.

At StyleLabs, our Search Engine Optimization services take into account the fact that Google is known for continually improving it’s ranking factors and algorithms. In other words, SEO is not something that we set up once and leave alone. Instead, we stay on top of trends and update your web presence as needed to help your online footprint grow. 



SEM is “search engine marketing”. This refers to the marketing of your search engine in two key ways. The first is via paid marketing. The second way this term is used is more broadly: some marketers also use it when discussing trying to reach the front page through organic techniques. At StyleLabs, we offer Adwords management and more to help our clients reach customers effectively through both paid and organic placements. 



SERP stands for search engine results page. Most people browsing online do not click past the first page when looking online. This is why SEO is so important. Did you know: over 90% of our clients are on the first page of Google? Local Pack Have you ever looked online for a hair salon or restaurant and noticed three or four options featured prominently above the other options? This is the local pack. The Local Pack shows the local business that best fit a searcher's local intent. Why does the local pack matter? Consumers are more efficiency-focused than ever, and tend not to look beyond the local pack at all. We optimize your presence to help ensure that you never miss out on traffic. 


Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the number of single-page visits to your site. A low bounce rate is generally seen as a good thing, as it means that customers are spending time on the site engaging with content. On the other hand, a high bounce rate might also signify that the customer’s question was resolved quickly (for example, they used the phone number to call the business). For this reason, looking not just at the bounce rate but the page it relates to can be beneficial. Conversion Rate The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors on a site who take the desired action. This could include becoming a customer, filling out a form, purchasing a product, or more. This can help you determine what kind of return on investment you are getting.


Page Speed

Page speed refers to how quickly the page loads. This is important due to the fact that most people browsing online will leave a page if it does not load quickly enough. Mobile-Friendly Have you ever visited a website on your phone, only to find that it is incredibly difficult to navigate? If so, you’re probably familiar with the concept of mobile-friendliness. Since people increasingly access websites on the go through their mobile devices, it’s essential that your site looks and performs just as well on mobile as it does on the desktop.


How Do I Find The Right SEO And Marketing Company?

It can be difficult to determine the right company for your needs. At StyleLabs, we understand that a local company who hires us for marketing is trusting us with their brand, and the online success of their business. This is why we are happy to have a consultation with anyone interested in our SEO or web design services. We go over case studies in relevant industries, budget concerns, and more. 


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