On the fence about using a customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business? While you may not think your company is big enough to merit one or the type of business you do isn't applicable to using a CRM, there are a number of ways any business can benefit from using one. Here are three of the main reasons why you should consider using a CRM system to meet or exceed your business goals. 

A CRM system can streamline your business operations and funnel all your leads into an easily manageable platform that is accessible to everyone on your team (or only a select few should you so choose). But there are a lot of businesses out there who think they aren't big enough to need a CRM or the type of business they're in can't benefit from using one. We're here to tell those businesses that's not the case. Any business can benefit from having a CRM. Here are the three main reasons why. 

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1. You'll increase your productivity

By further automating your business operations you'll increase your team's productivity substantially. No longer will they have to keep track of clients using spreadsheets that can go missing, get deleted, or get overwritten. They also won't be responsible for inputting all this data into the spreadsheets anymore. All these manual tasks will become completely automated, allowing your employees to focus on what it is they do best. 

2. Your lead conversion will improve

Only a small amount of companies respond to their web leads within an hour of receiving an enquiry. This results in a ton of wasted leads for these businesses. The quicker you can reach out and connect with a potential customer the better chance you have of converting them into an actual one. Because it's highly likely they haven't just reached out to you, but your competitors as well. Whoever responds sooner has the upper hand by making the better first impression. 

A solid CRM system will notify all pertinent parties once a lead reaches out to your company, whether it be through your online contact form or any other digital avenue. This will allow your sales team to respond to their enquiry in a timely manner, improving your chances to convert these leads into customers. 

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3. Your profitability will increase

By nurturing and building relationships with leads and current customers alike, a good CRM system can help increase the profitability of your business by improving customer retention, allowing you to spend less time on marketing and finding new customers. By knowing what your customers need and when they will need it, your sales team can be proactive in their endeavours and have a higher likelihood of sealing the deal. Using tracking tools in a CRM that shows what your leads or customers are interested in by letting you see the web pages on your site that they've visited will further allow your business to send curated content that has a higher rate of converting too. 

In the end, no matter what size of business you are or what type of business you're in, a solid CRM system with powerful tools and features will help your company be more productive, close more leads, and make more money. It's what some people would call a win-win-win situation.

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