Learn the benefits of email marketing, and how Silent Salesman makes email campaigns even more effective. 

If you’re one of the 58% of people who check their email FIRST THING in the day, you’ve likely been met with a cluttered inbox.

It’s likely that you sorted through the messages to check out relevant news roundups from industry insiders and went to their website for the full scoop. Maybe you even paused mid-scroll to glance at the subject line from your favourite clothing store, making a note to stop in on Saturday.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that effective email marketing can be invaluable in creating a personal connection and driving actions, whether it’s clicking through to a site or purchasing a product.

Want to know how email can boost your SEO as well as sales? Read on. Want to get in touch?



Email Marketing and SEO: An Indirect But Powerful Connection

Emails do not help you rank in SERPS in the way that content on your website does, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Email is an effective way to connect with customers directly and personally and can encourage them to take actions that benefit both them and your rankings.

Here are 5 key ways that email marketing can be connected to a boost in search engine rankings:

1. Email Marketing Can Boost Traffic And Time On Site

Creating an email list of people who have shown interest in your brand, and providing them with news, product or service announcements, and industry updates can be a great way to increase traffic to your website.

  • According to one case study, by Neil Patel, email visitors to his website made up just over 13% of web traffic.
  • However, what’s even more interesting is that these same visitors were responsible for 41% of the comments on the website.

Why does this matter? Because the more time visitors spend on your site, reading and engaging with your content, the better your ranking will be. If, like Patel, you also gain a large number of comments through your visitors, this could also “help a lot” with rankings, according to Google’s Gary Illyes.


2. Emailing Valuable Content Can Help You Garner Inbound Links

Links are, according to many experts, still a relevant ranking factor. However, due to algorithm changes over the years, it’s best to avoid spammy and dubious backlink sites. Having trouble getting other sites to link back to yours? Valuable content coupled with email might be your key.

If you’ve created useful and informative content like a whitepaper or study, send it to your audience in the industry! If it’s something can use in their own work, you may see links back to your site.


3. Requesting Reviews By Email Generates Feedback And Helps Your Local Ranking

Reviews are responsible for up to 13% of local pack rankings, and email can be a highly effective way to ask for them.


4. You Can Boost Your SEO Directly Through Repurposed Content

Finally, well-written and informative newsletters can be repurposed as blogs, or simply archived, on your website. Provided the new blog contains the appropriate keywords, it can boost your SEO the same way as a standard blog or webpage can.


5. Email Marketing Can Drive Traffic To Social Media

Nowadays, most visitors expect brands to have at least a basic presence on social platforms such as Facebook, so adding an array of Social buttons at the bottom of a newsletter is now fairly standard practice.

Additionally, according to Entrepreneur, a study on 23 million shares revealed the top four ranking positions are the ones with the most Facebook and Google plus activity.

While most businesses prefer to drive traffic directly to their website, some may also benefit notice an increase in Social followers or a rankings boost if their emails can effectively direct traffic to social media.



What About Email Marketing's Independent Benefits?

While email can help boost your SEO indirectly, it also has a host of other benefits. Here are four of our favourites.

1. It Has A Proven Track Record With Business Owners

  • Local businesses in a study by StreetFight Insights ranked email marketing the third most effective channel after social media and SEO.

2. It Results In Sales

  • 33% of people have made a purchase based on email subject line alone.
  • Has a much higher open, click-through, and engagement rate than Social, and is, in general, more valuable when it comes to conversions--in fact, when it comes to email, 44% of users check it for deals from a company that they know.
  • According to the Data and Marketing Association, email can have up to 122% ROI.

3. You Can Find Your Audience

  • When it comes to actions taken using the Internet, checking the email is the most common one: 85% of respondents use it to send or read email, while, for comparison 70% use search engines to find information

4. It Can Re-engage Cold Leads

In one case study, marketers sent their list of cold leads content-heavy emails every week for six weeks. They alternated between non-gated content and content that had a heavy call to action (ie. “download our e-book here”)!

  • The conversion rate on gated content increased by 5%, and 40 leads reconverted. Additionally, they generated 7 enrollments ($100k ROI), and their click-through rate increased by 3.5%.


Let Silent Salesman Help You Leverage The Utility Of Email Marketing

Our custom-built CRM includes everything you need to connect with your leads via email. Whether it’s setting them up on a personalized drip campaign relevant to their place in the customer journey, or sending a thank-you after a purchase, we make it easy for you to stay in touch and deliver valuable, customized content.

To learn more about how Silent Salesman can help you build your brand, drop us a line at 403-685-2239 or reach out to us through our online contact form.

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