Not sure what a call to action is? Wondering how they can help your business or website turn browsers into buyers? We've got the answers you're looking for in the article below. 

A call to action, or CTA, is a critical component of marketing and sales. Those who have read Glengarry Glen Ross are surely familar with the phrase "always be closing." The mantra states that you should always be attempting to secure the sale when dealing with a customer. In a way, a call to action is simply a different form of ABC as it's known. 

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The Art of Converting: Call to Action

You're sitting at home browsing a site. Suddenly, you come across an add or button that says "Learn More!" or "Subscribe Now!" as your scrolling. Do your eyes gravitate towards these words and buttons? Of course, they're different from all the other text on the site. You fine friend have just come across a CTA.

Why do CTAs work?

Call to actions work because we've been indoctrinated ever since birth to follow orders. While we aren't as good at following orders as we age, the holdover is still there. That's why you should never see a CTA that posits a question. Instead it should be declarative and authoritative. So instead of "Ready to Learn More?" you need to use "Learn More!" when trying to convince someone they should click on a link or button. 

The psychological research that has gone into marketing and sales could fill quite a few websites. But in general, the studies have shown that us humans respond to these CTAs for varying reasons, whether it be scarcity, urgency, acceptance, FOMO, or so on. Good CTAs activate these psychological responses and propel the browser into taking the "next step." 

Did you happen to catch the CTA towards the beginning of this article? It wasn't very discrete since I bolded it. But CTAs aren't meant to be discrete. Savvy internet users know when they're staring a CTA right in the face. But if the CTA is good enough, they'll click or tap it anyways. 


Don't underestimate the CTA power of contact forms

Here's another hypothetical for you to ponder. You're browsing this site and it has exactly the right type of service you're in need of hiring. The content looks great, the design is polished, but there's no easy way to get in contact with them. They don't have a contact form anywhere, their phone number isn't listed, and they don't even have an email address you can send your enquiry to.

What's a person to do? Head to a new website, of course. While the above hypothetical situation is unlikely to play out in our current day of age with everyone understanding the importance of a consumer being able to contact their business, it does serve to highlight an important point. And that point is that contact forms should be plentiful and feature CTAs of their own across your entire site. 

If someone has taken the step of contacting you via your contact form, then you are pretty much guaranteed they're interested in your products or services (so long as you have a recaptcha button to weed out spammers). It takes a lot for us humans to willingly provide our email addresses to a business nowadays as we know we'll end up on the receiving end of marketing emails. That means they really want what you have. 

Wrapping up

Did you read that article about why you should design your website with SEO in mind? Gotcha! Oh, you didn't? That's ok, I'll just be in the corner crying. No biggie. But whether you clicked on the button and read the article or not, you can see that not all CTAs are immediately trying to get you to buy something. Sometimes they're there to keep you on a website longer to improve their click-through or bounce rates so their SEO rankings get better. Who knows. 

What we do know is that CTAs are amazingly powerful marketing tools and your website needs 'em. Never be afraid to ask for the sale and what not. You got this. But if you don't, we're pretty awesome at what we do and can help you out.

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