Wondering how you can get more Google reviews for your business? From simply asking people to sending out targeted email campaigns, there are quite a few ways to boost the number of Google business reviews your company has. Let's take a look at the five best ones. 

Google reviews can make or break your business in 2020 as more people are heading online to look up the places they plan on spending their hard earned money. And if your business doesn't have a lot of positive reviews, it can make those people extremely hesitant to pick up the phone and call you or pop by your location.

Here are the five best ways you can change that and turn your Google reviews into a free form of marketing. 

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The 5 Best Ways to Get More Google Business Reviews

As the leading search engine, Google carries enormous power over the businesses it lists in its results section. With the advent of Google My Business, this is even more true than ever before. And if you think not having a Google My Business profile set up absolves you of having to worry at all about Google reviews, you should think again, as it's more likely people will be skeptical or hesitant to trust your business at all unless they know you personally. 

But how do you get more Google reviews? Happy customers are happy to go on their merry way and will seldom leave a positive review unless they're considered a local guide or their experience was exceptional. Meanwhile, unhappy customers are too eager to head online and voice their displeasure over the smallest perceived slight. What's a business to do? Well, try these five methods to boost your Google business reviews. That's what.

1. Ask for them

We figured we'd get this easy one out of the way right off the bat. Sometimes businesses simply forget to ask their customers to leave them a review on Google, or they ask them for one at the wrong time. If things are going well with a customer don't be afraid to just ask them to leave your business a review on Google, but be sure to do so towards the end of your interaction so it's fresh in their mind.

You can try to persuade them to leave you a Google review by being honest about how much it would help your business. With everything going on in the world right now due to COVID-19, people are genuinely trying to help businesses get through this tough time. Leaving Google reviews is a simple, free, and easy way your customers can do so.

2. Hand out cards asking for them

Taking the advice above one step further, you can create small cards that you hand out to customers which give them easy to follow directions so they can give your business a Google review.

Depending on the type of business you run, these cards can be given to customers as they're leaving your store or they can accompany your deliveries.

3. Use a CRM tool to solicit Google reviews from past clients

This is a somewhat Silent Salesman-centric strategy but a good strategy nonetheless. Our Silent Salesman CRM features a simple to use review solicitation tool to help you get the Google reviews your business deserves. 

With how busy everyone is nowadays, it never hurts to send a gentle reminder to your past customers or clients kindly asking them to leave your business a Google review. With the Silent Salesman CRM, all it takes to do so is a few clicks of the mouse. 


4. Include a link to your Google reviews in follow-up surveys

It's always good to send out surveys to your customers or clients so you can confidentially see what areas of your business need to be improved, or which aspects of it are firing on all cylinders. Now you can use these surveys to try and boost the number of Google reviews your business has. 

If your customer has already committed to taking the survey, they're more likely to leave your business a Google review since they're in the right mindset for doing so. As they recall their dealings with your business during the survey, they can easily translate their thoughts into a quick post on your Google My Business profile.

5. Don't offer discounts or rewards for reviews

While it can be tempting to offer your customers future discounts or rewards for leaving you a Google review, it flies in the face of the guidelines established by Google for Google My Business reviews. If the search engine catches you and determines you've violated their guidelines, they can remove your reviews (all of them potentially) or ban you from using their services. 

Given that Google is the largest search engine in the world, we probably don't have to touch too much on how crippling it could be for your business to be banned from its platform. Just do your best to appeal to someone's good side when requesting a review on Google and if they ask for any compensation politely rebuff them. 

So there you have it. The five best ways to get more Google reviews for your business. As a somewhat famous hockey player once said, you miss 100 per cent of the shots you don't take. Don't be afraid to ask for Google reviews and always do so from a place of transparency and honesty. Your customers will more than likely be happy to help you out.

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