New to the world of email marketing? Not quite sure what a lead or drip email is? Lucky for you our Calgary digital marketing company has you covered with everything you need to know about them. 

Despite rumors of its demise, which it turns out have been greatly exaggerated, email marketing remains one of the most effective and low-cost marketing strategies out there for businesses. While most people are familiar with the generic newsletter or sales blast, not so many know about the importance of lead and drip emails. These important sales tools can be a catalyst for conversions and should not be underestimated. Here's what they are. 

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Lead and drip emails explained

Upon hearing of lead and drip emails for the first time, many of our clients return the favour with blank stares. This reaction is understandable. After all, it isn't their job to know these things. It's ours. And know them we do. By utilizing lead and drip emails, you'll be able to boost your conversion rate and further educate your customers, all the while avoiding them from hitting the dreaded unsubscribe button. Here's what you need to know about these two extremely effective email marketing tools.

Lead emails

A lead email is the message you send an interested party after they fill out your online contact form. This curated piece of correspondence highlights the services you provide and points traffic back to your site. You don't need to write any new content for a lead email. Simply use the about us section of your site to start things off, then grab a few snippets from the various service pages you have to build out the rest of the email. You should then link your service snippets to their respective page on your site using a 'Read more...' hyperlink so your lead can get lost in all your great content. The structure for your lead email should be as follows: 

  • About us
  • Service snippets (4-5 of your main ones if you have a lot)
  • Testimonial (aka 'social proof') to break things up
  • Nice closing segment with unused about us copy

That's it. That's the structure. Don't try to kill yourself with creating new content if you've already got great copy on your site. Google won't ding you harshly for plagiarism in an email. Just remember that you want your lead email to get the prospective client excited about your products or services by offering a brief window into what you do. They've already declared their interest by filling out your contact form. Now you just want to nudge them over the edge and reaffirm that your company is the right choice. 


Drip emails

A drip email is pretty much what it sounds like. It's much shorter than your initial lead email and is sent out on a set schedule depending on the settings you choose for it within your Silent Salesman email marketing automation platform. We usually create three drip emails for our clients upon setting up their Silent Salesman account, each one focused on a different core service of their company or business. The drip email should be about one third the size of your lead email and you can grab the content for it directly from the service page on your site. That way it won't take you very long to craft each email, allowing you to set up multiple campaigns depending on the characteristics of your leads. Here's the structure for drip emails: 

  • Intro uses copy from the intro of the corresponding service page
  • Headline from the corresponding service page
  • Body copy from the corresponding service page
  • Testimonial aka social proof
  • Closing copy from the corresponding service page

If you picture a dripping faucet, the water is getting released slowly and in little drops. But the sink below is still getting wet and there's no fear you'll flood it. That's essentially what you want a drip email to do for your lead. You want to nurture them but not overwhelm. While there is heated discussion in our lab about when the first drip email should be sent once the lead email has arrived in their inbox, we generally tend to give it a day or two delay. This lets you position yourself as the right choice and a company who cares about their customers, without coming off as spammy. Always a delicate balancing act in our digital world. 



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