Not sure what type of website your business or company needs to have built? While there are a few choices to choose from, selecting one that meets all your needs can be tougher than you think. 

It can be extremely exciting to begin the process of designing a new website for your business or company. With a blank canvas, ideas abound. But once you start to realize the limitations or different iterations and capabilities of certain designs, things can start to get a bit overwhelming. That's where we come in to help pare down the process and help you pick a site that will achieve everything your business needs. 

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How to Know Which Type of Website You Need Built

There are many factors to consider when you start off on the web design trail. While you may have a good idea of how you want the site to look and function, what matters most is how your potential customers or clients will interact with it. Does your site have to be primarily focused on informing people? Or can you get away with a prettier design that eschews oodles of content? Do you need a booking platform for your services? How about an e-commerce aspect for selling products online? As you start to ask yourself these questions, and find the answers to them, you'll begin to narrow down what's really important for your website and what it needs to have. 

Design vs Function

The age-old debate between designers and developers always circles back to this conundrum. While a beautifully designed website is certainly nice to look at, it won't do you or your business much good if it's hard to use or doesn't have the necessary info your potential customers need. And if your site is pretty but lacking features such as contact forms, calls to action, lead captures, sales funnels, review management and procurement, or other important sales items, then it really won't be worth all the money you've spent on it. 

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More Expensive Isn't Always Better

We've all been led to believe that more expensive items or products are intrinsically better. But when it comes to web design, that isn't always the case. While a more expensive site may come with more features, if you or your business doesn't need them or use them then what good are they doing you? What really matters is you get a site that suits your needs. At Silent Salesman, we often recommend our lower tier sites to companies or businesses because that's what they really need. Using our proprietary SamurAI technology, we can design a beautiful, responsive site that won't cost you an arm and a leg. The best part about our websites and technology is that they're designed to grow along with your business. As you begin to offer more products or services, you can simply engage us to enhance the chassis and add modules as you see fit. This way you're never confined to a box. Your site is dynamic and changeable, just like your business. 

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