Have the conversion rates for your email marketing efforts been a little sluggish as of late? Not sure what you can do to get them trending in the right direction? Here are a few tips to help tip the scales in your favour. 

Email marketing is alive and well and still offering businesses one of — if not the best — ROI when it comes to their marketing dollars. With email so entrenched in our personal and professional lives, consumers are becoming a bit desensitized to email marketing efforts as of late. And this can lead to your marketing emails ending up in the trash bin without ever being opened. What a shame. Here are some email marketing tips to help make sure that never happens and your conversion rate climbs out of the gutter and into the promised land. 

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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates

It can be disheartening to see that your email marketing efforts are falling on deaf ears. But instead of despairing about the situation, try to put a positive spin on it by viewing your current results as an opportunity to experiment with new ideas or strategies. Here are five tactics you can use to bump up your conversion rates and hopefully build a stable of lifelong customers.

1. Be yourself

The last thing a consumer wants to read is a stuffy email from a company trying to sell them something. Ditch the talking points and corporate jargon and opt for language that is more approachable and down-to-earth. If you can hook them and pique their interest with the greeting or subject line alone, you've got a much better chance of them reading the entire email and thus securing their business.

2. Make the most out of lead and drip emails

Automation does not have to be boring. And lead and drip emails do not have to be generic marketing materials that cast a wide net. By tweaking your drip campaigns and setting up specific ones for leads who are at different stages or levels in your sales funnel, you can personalize your content and marketing which will boost your odds of converting those leads into customers. 


3. Make your 'call to action' impactful

Generally speaking, everything you do or write in a marketing email is geared towards getting the person who's receiving it to click on a call to action so they end up on your website or a landing page you've created. To get them to do so, you've got to make your call to action powerful and too tempting to resist. One of the many ways you can do this is by teasing a new product or service with the content for the button itself being extremely captivating. Say your company is offering a free trial of something. You could list all the wonderful benefits it provides and problems it solves and then put a button below with copy saying 'Try our new awesome widget for FREE!'. Who wouldn't want to click that button?!

4. They must be mobile-friendly

More people nowadays are accessing their emails on their smartphones. Some studies say that more than half of all emails are being first opened on a mobile device. That means your email marketing better be mobile-friendly. Otherwise you run the risk of alienating or frustrating more than half of the people who are receiving them. Make sure the email client you're using to craft and send your email marketing materials is mobile-friendly. If it isn't, you can bet half of your subscriber list isn't close to converting. 


5. You need a compelling subject line

It doesn't matter how great your content or design is if no one reads your email and it ends up in the trash. That's why a compelling subject line should be one of the first things you try to finalize before moving any further. If you can get someone to actually open your email, then you're off to the races. One way you can increase the open rates of your emails is through personalization. Using merge tags, you can send semi-personalized emails that will grab the reader's attention. Taking personalization a step further, if you can segment your leads into specific categories based upon their browsing habits or the reason they signed up for something in the first place, then you can send them highly personalized emails that speak to their unique circumstances. You'll pique their interest, perhaps make them chuckle, and stop them from hitting the delete button before they open your email up and read it in all its glory. 

At the end of the day, email marketing should always be viewed as an imperfect science. Consumer tendencies and behaviours change, making one thing that may have worked well in the past not effective whatsoever in the near future. That's why it's important to experiment with some of the above tips to see if your leads or potential customers respond well to your new efforts. Because if your email marketing wasn't working before, what do you have to lose by switching things up?

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