Why Startup Kit?

There is a BIG difference between a web designer and a marketing company designing your inbound real estate.  Here at StyleLabs we don't just build pretty sites, we build for conversion. Our websites and digital marketing has helped generate over $200 million dollars in revenue for our clients. 

Our team has over 10 years of experience in SEO, web design services, building world class websites and content management systems. Needless to say we know what it takes to succeed in the digital space.

  • We enjoy strong relationships with over 300 long term clients
  • More than 90% of these clients are on the first page of google.
  • More than 90% of those clients generate at least a 15:1 return on their investment.

We've achieved this by:

  • Researching what our clients want
  • Developing a second to none user experience
  • Creating a technology that is simple to maintain and make changes to
  • Is easy for Google to crawl and rank

​​Best of all Startup Kit is a cost effective platform made up of enterprise level tools for only five bucks a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different from those ‘free’ website builders?

Many DIY websites look unprofessional and are plagued with issues that affect their performance. If you are considering a DIY website there are some common issues that you need to watch out for such as: Non-Responsive Web Design, Poor Branding, Underwhelming Search Engine Optimization Results and a Lack of Credibility.

Your Silent Salesman Startup Kit is fully customizable, can be managed without a developer and includes banners, call to action buttons, service and landing pages, blogs, search engine optimization, auto responders and much, much, more.

How can my website bring more customers into my business?

Silent Salesman Startup Kit is an SEO packed, Google ready website with Rich Analytics.

Search Engine Optimization can be a very effective way of improving your website’s rankings on search engines, such as Google, and bringing in potential customers, but ONLY if it is done properly.

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into research and development to help you to:

  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Lower your overall marketing costs
  • + Customize your marketing messages according to individual interests
What if I need to make a change to my site?

Our SamurAI websites are ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (aka WYSIWYG). The back end of your website is as simple as editing a Word Document with drag and drop imagery population. All edits are made in real time.

Where does the content for my new site come from?

Content creation is key to ranking well on Google and establishing authority. Most people become so focused on the design of their website that they completely forget about the content until later. This can be a very costly mistake! A successful website is one that communicates its content effectively. Good content will:

  • Provide your customers with the information they want
  • Convert website visitors into clients
  • Better optimize for search engine results

Don't let words drag you down. We have a solution for you! Content for your Silent Salesman Startup Kit website comes with a White Glove Co-creation Service with one of our professional, and experienced writers!

Why is mobile experience so important?

Many DIY web designers forget that the larger online community surfs the web using mobile devices. This means that when you build a website with the other guys you are locking out a lot of potential customers from accessing your website.

An increasing number of consumers are turning to their mobile devices to communicate, get directions, and optimize their lives. Recent studies by Google have shown that any size business needs a mobile friendly website if you want to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Responsive web design is the Google-recommended best practice for building a website that isn’t just mobile friendly but also optimized to create a consistent and ideal user-experience on all devices.

Your Startup Kit website has native user experience meaning that it will display beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop.

What about hosting and site security?

Our Startup Kit includes hosting and security in your monthly subscription.

I already have a website. Can I still benefit from Startup Kit?

Absolutely! Picture this: you've done the work and now there is a lead at your doorstep. Did you know that businesses reported losing nearly 40% of potential clients because of poor follow up? What if we could change that?

What if at the touch of a button a quick wizard on your mobile device could give you:

  • Email Marketing including drips
  • 2 Way Real Time SMS with Leads
  • Branded Referall Pages
  • Offers and Concessions
  • Special Occasion Touchpoints
  • Drive Google Reviews AND SO MUCH MORE!

Well now you can. We offer a Silent Salesman Business Accelerator Platform to compliment your current website.

Why do I need to focus on driving Google Reviews?

Google Reviews not only influence purchasing decisions, but they also have a huge influence on your Google Rankings.

Did you know that you have an 85% probability of netting a positive review after the completion of a transaction?  This falls under 1% after a week.  Silent Salesman Startup Kit captures the 85% right away and goes after the other 15% through drips and re-targeting.

Here's how it works:

  1. You deliver outstanding service. 
  2. You ask the customer for a Google Review.  They agree. 
  3. You hop on your phone and at the touch of a button you send a request.  It is emailed and texted to them instantly. 
  4. They rate your service.  If it is rated a four star or above, it is pushed online. If not, it is submitted to you as a hot alert.
  5. If they don't rate your service, the technology will send them a reminder to complete twice before giving up.

Google reviews are worth between $1000-$10,000 to the average business.  It also boosts your organic optimization by up to 30%.  The more the reviews, the easier it is for the customer to make the obvious decision to work with you.

Let Silent Salesman do the heavy lifting for you by automating your Google Review process.

What is Academy all about?

Now that you know what we're up to and how we're doing it we wanted to share one more important functionality with you. Imagine belonging to an elite Academy that trains you to optimize your site and your marketing twice a month at no extra cost. Community is a very important component of your marketing ecosystem. This is how we supercharge it.

It's great having all the best tools, but it's all for nothing if you don't understand or know how to use them.

Startup Kit is the Ferrari.  Academy is the fuel.  Time to get moving 

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