More than 60% of small business owners have reported losing business because of slow response time or simply "forgetting" to follow up with a prospect. 

Business owners wear a lot of hats.  We're hiring, bookkeeping, selling, fighting fires, working in the field,... There are a lot of moving parts and sometimes, things get forgotten.

The Silent Salesman was designed to help, streamline, automate and significantly minimize the burden of sales activities in an easy to use, intuitive interface.  Here's how it works:

Lead indicates they are interested in working with you online or over the phone.

You open Silent Salesman, create a lead, populate three fields to automate your customer's journey as follows:

  • They receive a custom message in a meticulously branded email.
  • Opening the email triggers a weekly drip email (n=4) and subtle nudges throughout the Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook and Facebook Ad Network with single company value points. 

Each time you log into Silent Salesman, you will be able to review your lead list, update their account with files, attachments, and correspondence and set email/in portal reminders for follow up.

During our proof of concept, our clients report a 35% improvement in close rates and 75% of prospects reported the workflow (email, drip, ad nudges, Google reviews) had a significant impact in their decision-making process in terms of competitor differentiation and level of engagement Vis a Vis multiple touch points.


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Say goodbye to lead attrition, save money, and cut down both time and hassle. With Silent Salesman, your team can take advantage of a straightforward and unified workflow that maximizes productivity and makes closing leads a breeze. For a demo, call us at 403-685-2239, or send us a message through our online contact form

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