According to a qualitative study we conducted on behalf of a local University in Calgary, EMAIL remains the preferred method of communication for prospective, current and lapsed customers. It has been proven that through meticulous design and calculated inbox delivery, email marketing can drive conversion, traffic to social media, and impact SEO. 

Consider This
A prospect is interested in doing business with you. Through a simple form, you are able to send a pre-designed email. This is a loaded email that contains comprehensive information about your organization with multiple call to actions prompting site visits, redirects to Google reviews and brochure downloads.

Although effective, this approach must be augmented with follow up drip emails. We designed drip emails to synthesize and granulize the primary touch point into four bite-sized components. In another study conducted for a data analytics company, we ascertained that decision makers like to consume information in flashes.  Over a quick glance in the elevator. Many prospects simply do not have the time to review and break down a comprehensive prospects so need to be spoon fed decision-making data in spaced out, tidbits.  

The silent salesman email marketing module is comprised of:

  • Drip marketing tools 
  • Drag and drop funnel designers
  • One to many email blasts
  • Offer/concessions module
  • Customizable emails for all communication alerts and notifications in the customer relationship management pipeline

Email marketing is important but tedious.  Through our intuitive design and automation process, we ensure you are equipped with the benefits, without the burden of the operationalization and maintenance.  


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