There are so many Customer Relationship Management ("CRM") systems out there. Salesforce, Asana, Hubspot,...  All of these platforms have a single objective:

To provide a streamlined structure for customer onboard, relationship and project management.  

The CRM space is EXTREMELY competitive and we were harshly criticized by friend, foes, colleagues, and competitors when our group decided to launch the Silent Salesman. But we had research on our side...

  • More than 75% of respondents we interviewed (who currently use a CRM) were dissatisfied with their existing platform citing complexity, user experience issues and inapplicability to their particular business.
  • 85% of respondents we interviewed (who did not utilize a CRM for their organization) cited a lack of viable alternatives, complexity, and inapplicability to their particular business.
  • A shocking 92% of all respondents interviewed indicated they would convert to Silent Salesman once the concept was explained to them.
  • The survey continues and the data continues to support the original inferences. N=1000+.


Here's How We Explained Silent Salesman To Our Respondents

Silent Salesman is broken up into three functional components:

Lead Nurturing

Once a prospect approaches your organization, they are entered into the system as a lead.  This entry triggers (with full automation) an introductory email, a drip campaign and re-targeted ads. The point is to ensure content and communications are well developed, clearly defined and consistent for scalability. Enter your lead's information and the system does the rest with emails and advertising.

Some businesses and leads require multiple touchpoint for conversion. Once a lead is entered, a file is created for this individual where calls can be logged, meeting notes can be taken, quotes can be uploaded and tasks can be created/assigned for collaboration.

As the sales process continues, notes can be catalogued, reviewed and consolidated.

Colleague got hit by a bus?  No problem! Simply log into the lead's file and review notes. To avoid delays, utilize the delegate utility to re-assign the lead while your teammate recovers.  

Finally, many sales team split their function between appointment setting and site visits/presentations. Silent Salesman's Google integrated calendar concurrently checks team member's availability, schedules appointments, sends branded notifications/information and customized buttons for prospects to add the meeting to their calendar. When an invitation is set out, the initiator also has the option to prompt a drip reminder as well as pre-sale "retargeting" ads so that prospects are subtly nudged with positive reinforcements for doing business with you.


Customer Relationship Management

You've signed the deal. Now what?

It is actually more difficult to keep a customer happy than acquiring that customer. During the "courting" (lead) phase, you're socializing, establishing rapport and doing a lot of "talk." Once a customer has signed and surrendered their hard earned money to you, they want to see a return. Results. Furthermore, this is one point of HIGHEST cognitive dissonance.  

The customer relationship management module is the CORE of Silent Salesman.  Through this module you can:

  • Schedule appointments.
  • Send one-to-one and one-to-many email broadcasts.
  • Send exclusive email offers to a segment, group or at the point of sale.
  • Create notes.
  • Create client accounts and share select information with clients (they get their own login). Clients can also comment and make requests through their account.
  • Create tasks. 
  • Create projects.
  • Delegate/assign to other team members.
  • Nudge customers with reinforcing messages and advertisements validating their vendor selection.   


Reputation Management 

Online Reputation Management is becoming fundamental to the health and prosperity of organizations. Online reputation is driven primarily by Google and Facebook reviews. An organization has an 85% chance to drive a positive review if prompted at the point of sale. Unfortunately, with accelerated time erosion, this probability is reduced to under 1% after only a week.

We have developed a point of sales system that drives an immediate, one question satisfaction survey. Customers who rate your product/service a 3 or under are prompted to provide feedback that can be rectified prior to damaging Google or Social Media reviews. Customers who rate a product/service a 4 or above are encouraged to post on the platform of their choice - Google, Facebook or directly to the website.

You don't need to have a perfect score. What you do need is an abundance of reviews with many positive responses to solidify a prospect's decision-making journey and to mitigate negative outliers.


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