We know you care about your business. We also know that you work hard to deliver a great product and service every time.  Here’s the reality of it.  You’re not going to make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try. Those that are dissatisfied with you (this could be customers, disgruntled employees, competitors, etc.) are going to go out of their way to hurt you where they think they will do the most damage. Online. 

One of the most important features in Silent Salesman is the online review platform. That being said, sometimes, the damage is already done and corrective measures need to be taken.  

One of these is driving more reviews to bring up your averages and communicate to your prospects that this review is an exception and not the norm.  You want to make it clear that what a reviewer has said is not necessarily an accurate reflection of your organization. A second tactic we use is working directly with Google or Facebook and outlining the facts so that inaccurate reviews can be expunged. Failing that, our reputation management team will craft a response to counterbalance negative feedback with honesty, context, respect and integrity on your behalf. 

As part of our reputation management consulting, we subscribe to services that allow us to monitor reviews and respond with expediency so that any potential consequences are contained and immediately addressed.  

This service is available for Silent Salesman subscribers only.  We believe that our service enhances the efficacy of our consulting and vice versa. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation. Our clients have enjoyed 20, 30 and even 50 to 1 ROI’s. With the right tools, the appropriate budget and a little bit of patience, results are typical.


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Stop worrying about the effects of negative reviews on your business. Silent Salesman's review management system makes it easy to monitor and effectively respond to less-than-ideal feedback. For a demo or case studies, give us a call at 403-685-2239 or reach us online.

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