Not quite sure why you should be designing your website with SEO in mind? If your goal is to be highly visible on the leading search engines, then it's a no-brainer for you to design your site with strong SEO principles and best practices. Read on to find out why. 

Designing your website with SEO in mind could lead to a substantial increase in your rankings on the biggest search engine result pages (SERPs) currently out there, with Google being the biggest of them all. If your site isn't SEO-friendly and the SERPs have trouble indexing or crawling your pages and content, then all your hard work could be for naught. 

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Why You Should Design Your Website with SEO In Mind

There are still a lot of Calgary website design companies out there who don't pay SEO the attention it deserves in 2020. These Calgary web designers focus too much on delivering a pretty product with no regard for how their sites perform on the biggest SERPs. This can lead to you spending a lot of money on web design with little to show for it in terms of visibility or rankings. Because in the end, if no one can find you, how are they supposed to know you even exist?

With that in mind, here are some key things you'll want to bring up with your Calgary web designers before they embark on building you a new site.

Will it be mobile-friendly?

It's been five years since Google made mobile-friendliness a ranking factor for sites and three years since they first unveiled mobile-first indexing. With fewer people using desktop computers to pose queries to the world's largest search engine, more weight has rightfully been given to how websites perform on mobile devices. 

If your new website isn't mobile-friendly and a lot of people are leaving it soon after landing on it, your bounce rate will skyrocket. This well tell Google your site isn't solving its users problems and your rankings will drop precipitously. 

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Will it load fast?

One of the most common things that trips up SEO on sites is page speed and it all has to do with web design. Ideally your site would load in two seconds or less. Any longer than that, and you risk having people bounce in droves. Google has revealed that page speed is an important ranking factor in their current algorithm and if your site takes too long to load your rankings will suffer in more ways than one.

In addition to having a high bounce rate due to people getting frustrated and leaving your site, Google and other search engines will also have trouble indexing all of your pages because it takes them too long to do so. For those pages which can't be indexed due to slow site speed, you won't receive rankings for them. No matter how good or relevant your content is.

Will it have a proper sitemap?

Sitemaps are extremely important for search engines and the ease with which they're able to crawl your site. As we learned above, not being able to properly crawl or index your site can have major repercussions when it comes to your rankings. A proper sitemap will signal to Google and other search engines which pages are important on your site and will make it easier for them to be crawled or indexed, helping improve your rankings.

A proper sitemap is doubly important if you have a site with a lot of pages or content. In addition to helping SERPs navigate your site, it will also help users do so too. One other aspect of sitemaps that plays into your SEO rankings is the metadata they contain. If done properly, the metadata in your sitemap can have a big impact on pushing your rankings higher.

In the end, SEO and web design go hand in hand together in terms of ensuring your site receives the highest rankings possible from the major SERPs. By asking the above questions to your Calgary web designers before they start building your new site, you'll find out very quickly whether you've made the right choice or if you need to go in a different direction.


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