Have you hit a rut with your Calgary digital marketing campaigns? Can't quite seem to break through and achieve the goals you've been chasing? Then you should incorporate social proof into your marketing for small business owners plan. 

The digital marketing landscape has changed drastically over the past 10 years. But the psychology of marketing remains mostly the same. By adapting the marketing psychology concept of social proof into a digital-first world, you can help bring your business to the next level. 

Social Proof: What is it? 

The concept of social proof is pretty straightforward. It decrees that people are more likely to follow the actions of the crowd. Some social proof marketing examples include how nightclubs usually keep a line of people outside their doors, even if there's more than enough space inside for them. This signals to someone passing by or considering going to that club that it's a trendy spot and popular among the masses, hence there being a line to get in. Or Google business reviews, which provide prospective customers a chance to see that other people have used this company and experienced good (or bad) results. 

The different types of social proof: 

Expert Social Proof: An expert related to your industry or field has recommended your products or services. People generally think experts are more qualified to judge how certain products or services function, and are therefore more likely to follow their lead. 

User Social Proof: People who use your product or service recommend it to others based upon its general useability or user friendliness. 

Celebrity Social Proof: Because people want to look like or live like celebrities, their endorsements or recommendations tend to carry a lot of weight and social proof. 

Crowd Social Proof: A large number of people are seen recommending or endorsing your products or services, reinforcing its popularity and clout. 

Friend Social Proof: Your friends are seen recommending or endorsing a product, most often seen in who they're following or who they're mentioning on social media. 

Certified Social Proof: A company has received a certain certification or industry-leading award, like a blue check on Twitter or Instagram or a Michelin star. 


How to Put Social Proof to Work for Your Business

Now that you know what social proof is and what different types there are, it's time to start thinking about how you can incorporate it into your Calgary digital marketing. Below we'll look at three of the best ways you can begin growing your business by using the concept of social proof. 

Google Business Reviews

You already know how important Google reviews are to your business, but now it's time to reassert its criticalness. By having a large number of positive Google reviews your company can differentiate itself from the pack, and turn your website into a conversion making machine. But don't think that no news is good news. Research has shown that customers are also hesitant to purchase from a company that doesn't have any reviews. For more on why Google business reviews are the most important part of your digital marketing campaign, be sure to read our blog on the topic below. 

Why Google Reviews are the MOST Important Part of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Use Customer Testimonials on Your Website

This is an extension of the social proof you've already built with your positive Google business reviews. When a potential customer visits your site, one of the first things they should see is a positive testimonial from a former client. This will reinforce that your products or services have addressed a previous pain point, and can do the same for them. 

Are you struggling to get your customers to leave Google reviews or testimonials? Silent Salesman can help. 

Drive Google Reviews

Try Using a Micro-Influencer

Using a micro-influencer can be a very cost-effective way of developing celebrity social proof for your products or services. This tactic is much more prevalent on Instagram, but can be effective on other social media platforms too. These micro-influencers usually target a niche segment of followers, and finding the right one can do wonders for your business. For an added boost, give them a special discount to share with their followers, which will further incentivize them. 

By following some of these suggestions and incorporating social proof into your Calgary digital marketing, you'll be able to separate yourself from the crowd and drive your business to new heights. 

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